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NPI International Year of Light


Two papers by Zenghu Chang featured in Nature Photonics

Zenghu Chang

Congratulations to Prof. Zenghu Chang on the publication of two articles in the Nature Photonics special issue on Attoscience. One of the articles is a review of the current field, published with other leaders in the field. more...

International Year of Light – 2015

International Year of Light

The 68th general Assembly of the United Nations Organization adopted a resolution calling for 2015 to be recognized as the “International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies”. more...

February 13th 2014: Mrs Frances Townes – 98th Birthday

Francis Townes

Congratulations today to Frances Townes, wife of 72 years to Dr Charles Hard Townes, 1964 Physics Nobel Laureate and inventor of the concept of the laser, who is celebrating her 98th birthday. more...

Ray 'Doc' Haynes dies suddenly at 69

Ray Haynes

UCF knows Ray Haynes principally for his strong projection of interest in higher education in lasers and photonics as the Director of the University Strategic Technical Alliances offices for TRW/Northrop Grumman more...

Townes Professor wins $6.5M award from DARPA for Attoscience

Zenghu Chang
Professor Zenghu Chang, who joined UCF in 2010 as a joint appointee of the Townes Laser Institute and the Dept. of Physics, to found the Florida Attosecond Science and Technology (FAST) Laboratory has just won a major DARPA award for study of attosecond electron dynamics.

See UCF Today.

Collaborator of Townes in the first demonstration of the maser dies

Jim Gordon, close associate of Charles Hard Townes in the first demonstration of the maser in 1954, passed away on June 21, 2013. James P. Gordon is also known for his contributions to quantum electronics and optical communication theory. He was 85. In 1955, he joined the AT&T Bell Laboratories where he worked until his retirement in 1996. Following his seminal work on the ammonia laser with Townes in 1954, he worked on the theory of confocal resonators with Gary Boyd, and pioneered the use of quantum theory in optical communications. He was a co-author of the paper observing soliton propagation in optical fibers for the first time and defined the bit-rate limiting effect of soliton propagation due to the random walk of amplified solitons, now called the Gordon Haus Effect.

More details in the New York Times and OSA

11-15 March 2013 - Townes Winter Symposium

From the 11th to the 15th of March will be held the Townes Winter Symposium ar UCF, in CREOL. Visit the website to have more information and to register:

Welcome to the website of the Townes Laser Institute.

The Townes Laser Institute was dedicated in 2007 in the presence of, and honoring Charles Townes, 1964 Nobel Laureate in Physics and the inventor of the concept of the laser.
Associated with CREOL, the College of Optics & Photonics and the Florida Photonics Center of Excellence (FPCE) it is funded by the State of Florida to develop the next generation of laser light engines for applications in medicine, advanced manufacturing and defense applications. Some $4.5M was allocated in 2006 to the Townes Laser Institute for major facilities, and in addition, the President and Provost of UCF allocated five new faculty positions to support the Institute. This investment will complement existing strengths in laser development and laser-based technologies at UCF, in ultra-fast laser technologies, laser materials processing, novel optics for high power lasers, fiber laser development, laser-based sensing, laser-plasma EUV sources, and other related topics.

Interview With Prof. Martin Richardson, Director of the Townes Laser Institute