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Paper by Graduate Student Bin Huang and Prof. Guifang Li is One of 15 Most Cited Optics Express Articles

A paper titled "All-fiber mode-group-selective photonic lantern using graded-index multimode fibers", by graduate student Bin Huang and Professor Guifang Li is one of the 15 Most Cited Optics Express Articles.

Abstract: We demonstrate the first all-fiber mode-group-selective photonic lantern using multimode graded-index fibers. Mode selectivity for mode groups LP01, LP11 and LP21 + LP02 is 20-dB, 10-dB and 7-dB respectively. The insertion loss when butt coupled to multimode graded-index fiber is below 0.6-dB. The use of the multimode graded-index fibers in the taper can significantly reduce the adiabaticity requirement.


Posted Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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